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Throughout history, some people have tried to restrict the options and actions of others even though those actions/options presented no physical or measurable threat.

One of the most fundamental tenets in System Of Life Institute's Practical Philosophy is that diversity is good--the more options, the better. This is based on a Darwinian view of our species.

We can look back with condescending smiles on some of the past efforts to limit diversity--efforts to suppress thoughts, ideas and actions--efforts to burn or make illegal certain books, etc. But before any of us gets too smug, take a look at a couple of sites below listing recent attempts (mostly the last 100 years) to restrict the free flow of information, thoughts, ideas, and art.

If you're not already aware of these attempts, then you are in for a treat. These are some of the most fascinating moments you will spend on the Internet. But please remember, even as the stupidity and short-sightedness of some of these would-be censors amuses you, THEY are deadly serious about controlling you.

The Best Site I have found on Banned Books--Click Here.
The American Library Association's Page(s) on book banning-Click Here.
MIT's Page on censorship in general.
The File Room is an excellent resource page too, check it out.
Free speech wins in the Supreme Court
Read about the victory for free speech, and the defeat of the CDA (Computer Decency Act) in the Supreme Court--click on the image.