The Story

Back in 1987, when I first opened System Of Life Institute (SOLI), we were in Orange County, California, in a city called Garden Grove, about 3 miles from Disneyland.

As our 'open door' policy evolved (Monday thru Friday 1pm to 5pm, more or less, the doors were open to everyone), I wanted some way of extending a friendly greeting to all who dropped by. I installed a reverse-osmosis water cooler, bought a Bunn coffee maker and began to offer anyone who dropped by, a good cup of fresh coffee or a glass of cool, clear water. Over time, I moved my coffee preferences from the $2 to $3/lb. Yuban-type coffee to the (then) $7.00/lb. pure Kona coffee--it was great!

Today, in Pismo Beach, over 200 miles away from our original site in Garden Grove, we've re-opened SOLI and re-instituted the 'open door' and coffee and water policy. The only difference is that today the pure Kona coffee costs almost $30/lb., and I just refuse to pay that much for coffee.

Here's Where I Buy My Coffee:

After extensive, and I do mean extensive, research, I have found a Guatemalan blend, from

Pasadena Coffee Roasters, Growers, & Importers,
in Pasadena, California,
(phone 626-564-9291)

their spepcial blend is as good as anything I've tasted.

Ask for the blend called CHUCK ROAST. It's Finca Dos Marias Guatemalan Estate Coffee and it really is outstanding ($7.95 per pound.)

You can also check out their website,

Anyway, back to SOLI, and our coffee policy: call and stop by when you're in the area, and we'll chat over a cup, and you can decide for yourself.

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