The Way of the Universe

  • The words and text are simple.
  • The daily application is hard.
  • The knowledge is that of nature.

    The Classic Words of TAO & VIRTUE


    Translated by John Louis Albert TrottierCopyright 1994

    Part 2
    High Virtue (Power) is completely virtuous (powerful) without chasing after
    virtue (power);
    Therefore it has Virtue (Power).
    Low Virtue (Power) is always chasing after virtue (power)
    and never frees itself from the chase;
    Therefore it is without Virtue (Power).
    High Virtue (Power) is without problems and is without private goals to
    Low Virtue (Power) not only makes problems but has private goals to serve.
    High humanity makes problems but is without private goals to serve:
    High morality not only makes problems but has private goals to serve.
    High ceremony makes problems but is without response;
    Then it raises its arms to show itself.
    Losing Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ), man uses Virtue (Power).
    Losing Virtue (Power), humans use humanity.
    Losing humanity, people use morality.
    Losing morality, humans use ceremony.
    Ceremony is the shell of faith and loyalty;
    It is the beginning of all,
    not understanding and mix-up.
    Knowing the future, is only, the
    attractive without substance part, of the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    And the beginning of foolishness.
    The full-grown human
    Can enter the substance
    rather than the shell;
    Can enter totality
    rather than the promise.
    They prefer what is within
    instead of appearance.
    There are many things that have achieved Oneness.
    The sky achieved Oneness and became clear;
    The earth achieved Oneness and became calm;
    The spirits achieved Oneness and became charged with powers;
    The fountains achieved Oneness and became full;
    All of the plants and animals achieved Oneness and became reproductive;
    Leaders achieved Oneness and became the greatest rulers of the world.
    All of them are what they are by virtue
    ( the power ) of Oneness.
    If the sky were not clear, it would be likely to fall to pieces;
    If the earth were not calm, it would be likely to burst into bits;
    If the spirits were not charged with powers, they would be likely to cease
    from being;
    If the fountains were not full, they would be likely to dry up;
    If all the plants and animals were not reproductive, they would be likely
    to cease to exist;
    If the leaders were not the greatest rulers, they would be likely to
    stumble and fall.
    Truly, humility is the root from which greatness springs,
    The High must be built upon the foundation of the low.
    That is why leaders describe themselves "The Helpless One," "The Little
    One," and "The Worthless One."
    To gain the peoples support.
    They realize their
    dependence upon the lowly.
    Get honor
    by not being honored.
    It is not wise to
    shine like jade and
    sound like stone-chimes.
    (The true leader
    has substance
    rather just appearance.)
    The movement of the
    Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    consists of Returning.
    (In science, for every physical action there is a physical reaction. It is
    the same in social order.)
    The use of the
    Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    consists of perception.
    (Understand the root cause and you will understand the process.)
    All things
    under heaven
    are born
    of the Visible;
    The Visible
    is born
    of the Invisible.
    (The principals that we do not directly perceive create what we see.
    Chaos has a pattern if only we use our intuition.)
    When a wise scholar hears the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    They practice it without fail.
    When a average scholar hears the
    Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    They move between belief and unbelief.
    When a worthless scholar hears the
    Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    They laugh loudly at it.
    If such a one does not laugh at it,
    The Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ) would not be the Tao ( the Laws of the
    Universe )!
    To the untrained observer;
    Who understands the Tao, seems foolish;
    Who progresses in the Tao, seems to fail;
    Who follows the Tao, seems to wander.
    The wise people of old have truly said:
    The bright Way looks dim.
    The forward Way looks backward.
    The smooth Way looks rough.
    High Virtue (Power) looks low like a bottomless pit.
    Great clearness looks spotted.
    Unending Virtue (Power) looks like it is not enough.
    Proved Virtue (Power) looks pitiful.
    Solid Virtue (Power) looks as though melted.
    Greatest space has no corners.
    Great talents are slowly mastered.
    Great music has the rarest sound.
    Great Form is shapeless.
    The Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ) is hidden and nameless;
    It alone knows how to give help and to make whole.
    Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    gave birth to One,
    ( The Unified Field )
    One gave birth to Two,
    ( Energy and Matter, E=MC2 )
    Two gave birth to Three,
    ( Gravity, Nuclear and Electro-Magnetic Forces)
    Three gave birth to all things.
    All the things carry the
    Yin (physical(matter)) on their backs and
    hold the
    Yang (spiritual(energy)) to their chest,
    Getting their vital balance from the
    proper blending of the two vital Breaths.
    (Physical(matter) and Spiritual(energy))
    What is more hated by men than to be "helpless( in need of help),"
    "little( no desire to be superior )," and
    "worthless ( no desire to be rich )"?
    These are the very names the
    true leaders call themselves.
    You can gain by losing (putting ourselves in a position to gain),
    And you can lose by gaining (receiving our hearts desire and feeling lost
    What others have taught I repeat:
    "A person who lives for destruction will attract destruction to themself."
    (Destruction attracts destruction.
    Construction attracts construction.
    Weakness attracts destruction.
    Virtue (power) attracts construction.)
    I will make this chapter my most important teaching.
    The softest
    of all things
    Wears down
    the hardest of all things.
    Only No thing
    can enter into
    I know the
    advantages of
    doing everything at
    its own speed.
    Few things
    under heaven
    teach as much as the
    lessons of Silence,
    Or are as
    helpful as
    the fruits of
    proper timing.
    Your name and
    your body,
    which is more valuable?
    Your body and
    your wealth,
    which is more prized?
    Gain and
    which is more painful?
    Too much
    love for anything
    will cost you
    a lot in the end.
    The storing up of
    too much worldly goods
    will mean
    a big loss.
    Know when
    you have enough and
    be immune
    from disgrace.
    Know when
    to stop and
    be protected
    from dangers.
    Only this way
    can you
    last long.
    The greatest perfection
    is never completed,
    So its use
    never runs out.
    The greatest fullness
    has always room for more,
    So its use
    goes on forever.
    The greatest straightness
    is curved.
    The greatest skill
    is looks effortless.
    The greatest speaking
    is slow.
    Moving around
    overcomes cold,
    overcomes heat.
    The peaceful and
    Is the Normal
    of the World.
    When the world is
    in possession of
    the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    The galloping horses
    are led to fertilize
    the fields
    with their droppings.
    ( People create goods for exchange and
    contend with each other in sport.)
    When the world
    has become
    Taoless ( without the Laws of the Universe ),
    War horses
    breed themselves in the suburbs.
    (People create tools of destruction and
    contend with each other over the ownership of countries.)
    There is no disaster
    like not knowing
    what is enough.
    There is no evil
    like greed.
    who know
    is enough
    have enough.
    going out of
    your door,
    can know
    the ways
    of the world.
    looking through
    your window,
    can see
    the Tao
    (the Laws of the Universe).
    You can travel far,
    And know very little.
    The Complete Thinker
    without traveling,
    without looking,
    And achieves
    without Effort.
    (Because they understand
    the Laws of the Universe and
    the Power of their application.)
    Rote Learning
    involves daily
    getting more;
    The practice of Tao
    (the Laws of the Universe)
    involves daily
    getting rid of.
    Keep on
    getting rid of and
    getting rid of,
    Until you reach
    the state of Effortlessness.
    Effortlessness and
    nothing is
    left undone.
    To win the world,
    give up all.
    If you
    still have
    private goals,
    will never
    the world.
    The Complete Thinker
    has no interests
    of their own,
    But takes
    the interests
    of the people
    as their own.
    They are kind
    to the kind;
    They are also kind
    to the not kind:
    Kindness is Power.
    They are faithful
    to the faithful
    They are also faithful
    to the not faithful:
    Faithfulness is Power.
    In the middle of the world,
    the Complete Thinker
    is shy and
    does not brag.
    For the world
    they keep their heart
    in its largest state.
    All the people
    try to listen and see:
    The Complete Thinker
    acts without prejudice.
    When one is out of Life,
    one is in Death.
    The partners of
    Life are thirteen;
    the partners of
    Death are thirteen;
    When a living person
    moves into
    the Realm of Death,
    his partners are also thirteen.
    How is this?
    Because they draws upon
    the property of
    Life too heavily.
    They who knows well how to live
    meets no tigers
    or wild buffaloes on their road,
    comes out
    from the battle-ground
    not touched by the soldiers of war.
    For, in them,
    a buffalo would
    find no target for his horns,
    a tiger
    nothing to put
    his claws upon,
    and a soldier of war
    no place for its tool to enter.
    How is this?
    Because there is
    no room for Death
    in them.
    gives them life,
    Virtue (Power)
    nurses them,
    shapes them,
    completes them.
    All things worship Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    and pray to Virtue (Power).
    They have not been commanded to worship Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    and pray to Virtue (Power),
    But they always do so automatically.
    It is Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    that gives them life:
    Its Virtue (Power)
    that nurses them,
    grows them,
    raises them,
    shelters them,
    comforts them,
    feeds them
    and covers them under her wings.
    To give life but to demand nothing,
    To do your work
    but to set no importance to it,
    To be a leader,
    not a rule maker,
    This is called
    Hidden Virtue (Power).
    All-under Heaven
    have a common Beginning
    This Beginning is
    the Mother of the world.
    Having known the Mother,
    We may proceed to know her children.
    Having known the children,
    We should go back and hold on to the Mother
    In so doing, you will take no risk
    Even though your body be destroyed.
    Block all the passage ways!
    Shut all the doors!
    And to the end of your days
    you will not be worn out.
    Open the passages!
    Multiply your activities!
    And to the end of your days you will remain helpless.
    To see the small is
    to have insight.
    To hold on to flexibility is
    to be strong.
    If, in using your factual intelligence
    You return to your insight.
    You will not bring destruction
    upon yourself.
    This is the way of learning the Changeless.
    If I had the smallest seed of wisdom,
    I would walk the Great Way,
    And my only fear
    would be to lose my way from it.
    The Great Way is very smooth and straight;
    And yet the people like better the complicated paths.
    The courtyard is very clean and well decorated,
    ( Their cities appear powerful. )
    But the fields are very weedy and wild,
    And the grain silo's are very empty!
    ( But they have lost the skill to feed themselves. )
    They wear beautiful clothes,
    ( They value appearances over substance.)
    They carry destructive weapons,
    ( They use the tools of destruction to get their needs. )
    They over fill themselves with food and drink,
    ( They indulge themselves in the fruits of the conquered. )
    They own more riches than they can use!
    ( They are greedy. )
    They are the messengers of lawlessness!
    As for Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    what do they know about it?
    What is well planted
    cannot be uprooted.
    What is well accepted
    cannot slip away.
    Your descendants
    will pray for you
    for ages without end.
    Feed Virtue (Power)
    in your own person,
    And it becomes
    a real part of you.
    Feed Power in the family,
    And it will stay.
    Feed Power in the community,
    And it will live and grow.
    Feed Power in the state,
    And it will be generously successful.
    Feed Power in the World,
    And it will become total.
    A person must be judged as a person;
    A family must be judged as family;
    A community must be judged as a community;
    A state must be judged as a state;
    The world must be judged as a world.
    How do I know about the world?
    By what is within me.
    One who is high in Virtue (Power)
    is like the new-born babe.
    Wasps and poisonous snakes don't sting,
    Murderous beasts do not seize,
    Birds who hunt do not beat,
    Its bones are flexible, its muscles relaxed,
    Its grip is strong.
    It does not know the sex,
    Growing in its wholeness,
    and keeping its spirit
    in its Life Force is at its greatest.
    It screams
    all day long
    without getting hoarse,
    Because of its perfect harmony.
    To know harmony
    is to know the Changeless.
    To know the Changeless
    is to have understanding.
    To hurry the growth of life
    is dangerous.
    To control the breath by choice
    is to over force it.
    To be overgrown is to rot.
    This is against Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ),
    Whatever is
    against Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    soon ceases to be.
    They who know may not speak.
    They who speak may not know.
    Block all the passage ways!
    ( Be content with your position. )
    Shut all the doors!
    ( Remove all distractions. )
    Unsharpen all edges!
    ( Be kind not sharp in your dealings with life. )
    Untie all knots!
    (Understand the the root of all problems.)
    Blend all lights!
    ( View all you see based on the Laws of the Universe.)
    Bring the world together
    into one completeness!
    ( Understand the oneness of the World. )
    This is called
    the Beyond Understanding Completeness,
    Which you cannot attract
    or push away,
    Benefit or hurt,
    Honor or reduce.
    It is the Highest Truth of the world.
    You lead a group with correctness;
    You fight a war by moves not thought of by your enemies;
    You win the world by not using effort.
    How do I know this is so?
    By what is within me!
    The more things that are forbidden
    and limited in the world,
    The poorer the people become.
    (Freedom for the people is required for a full life.)
    The more destructive the weapons
    the people possess,
    The greater confusion controls the land.
    (People are dangerous to other people and the greater the tools of
    destruction in their hands the more they will destroy.)
    The more clever and tricky the men,
    The more often strange things happen.
    (People who cheat the Laws of the Universe cause a lack of balance which
    can not last.)
    The more well spoken the laws and rulings,
    The more robbers and thieves there are.
    (The more rules there are, the more likely people will break them in the
    course of life.
    Then after breaking some rules the other rules are less respected and
    criminals are considered normal citizens.)
    The Complete Thinker says:
    I live a simple life,
    and the people change themselves.
    I love quiet,
    and the people settle down in their regular jobs.
    I look to effortlessness,
    and the people grow rich.
    I have no desires,
    and the people return to Simplicity.
    Where the leader is quiet, quiet,
    The people are simple and happy.
    Where the leader is dishonest, dishonest,
    The people are tricky and unhappy.
    Bad fortune is what
    good fortune leans on,
    Good fortune is what
    bad fortune hides in.
    Who knows the final end of this process?
    Is there not a normal of right?
    What is normal, soon
    becomes not normal,
    And what is good soon
    turns bad.
    Long indeed have the
    people been in difficulty.
    The Complete Thinker:
    makes even without cutting,
    Is honest without hurting,
    Is direct without effort,
    Teaches without causing the mind to be excited.
    In governing a people
    and in serving Heaven,
    There is nothing like
    not being wasteful.
    To not be wasteful
    is to return before
    going away from the path.
    To return
    before going away
    from the path
    is to have
    a double supply of Virtue (Power).
    To have
    a double supply of Virtue (Power)
    is to overcome everything.
    To overcome everything
    is to have no limits.
    Only they who have no limits can have a kingdom.
    Only they who have the true understanding of the Tao can last long.
    This is the way
    to be deep-rooted and
    in the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ).
    This is the secret of
    long life and
    lasting understanding.
    Ruling a big kingdom
    is like cooking
    a small fish.
    ( You have to be
    careful not to burn it.)
    When a person of
    Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    rules over the world,
    demons have
    no spiritual powers.
    Not that the demons
    have no spiritual powers,
    but the spirits themselves
    do no harm to humans.
    Not that the spirits
    do no harm to humans,
    but the Complete Thinker
    does no harm to the people.
    If only
    the leader and
    would stop
    from hurting
    each other,
    all the good things
    of life
    get together
    in the kingdom.
    A great Country
    is like the lowland
    to which all streams flow.
    It is the lake
    of all under heaven,
    the Feminine of the world.
    The Feminine
    always conquers
    the Masculine
    by her quietness,
    by lowering herself
    through her quietness.
    If a great country
    can lower itself
    before a small country,
    it will win over
    the small country;
    and if a small country
    can lower itself
    before a great country,
    it will win over
    the great country.
    The one wins
    by lowering itself;
    the other,
    by remaining low.
    What a great country wants
    is simply
    to accept more people;
    and what a small country wants
    is simply
    to serve its protector.
    Each gets what it wants.
    But it benefits
    a great country
    to lower itself.
    The Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    is the hidden Source
    of all things.
    A treasure
    to the honest,
    it is a protection
    to the confused.
    A good word
    will find its own location.
    A good deed
    may be used as a gift to another.
    A person
    missing the right path
    Is no reason
    they should be thrown away.
    At the official times of empowerment,
    Let others offer their discs of jade, following it up with cars and boats;
    It is better for you to offer
    the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    without moving your feet!
    Why did the people of the past prize
    the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )?
    It is because
    by the virtue (the power) of it,
    he who looks finds,
    And the guilty are forgiven.
    That is why
    it is such a treasure
    to the world.
    Do the Effortlessness.
    Try for the effortless.
    Enjoy the joyless.
    Raise high the low.
    Multiply the few.
    Return hurt with kindness.
    Stop troubles in the beginning.
    Plant the great with the small.
    Difficult things of the world.
    Can only be tackled when they are easy.
    Big things of the world
    Can only be completed by paying attention to their small beginnings.
    The Complete Thinker never has to struggle with the big things,
    But they alone are capable of completing them!
    They who promises lightly must be lacking in faith.
    They who thinks everything easy
    will end by finding difficulty.
    The Complete Thinker,
    who regards everything as difficult,
    Meets with no difficulties in the end.
    What is not moving is easy to hold.
    What shows no predictions is easily made not to happen.
    What is delicate is easily smashed.
    What is small is easily widely separated and lost.
    Do things before they have become visible. ( Plan ahead.)
    Help peace and order before confusion and disorder have set in. ( Punish
    the destructive without delay.)
    A tree as big as a man's embrace starts from a tiny sprout. (Big things
    start small.)
    A tower nine stories high begins with a heap of earth.
    A journey of three thousand miles starts from where your feet stand.
    They who trouble over anything spoils it.
    They who hold anything loses it.
    The Complete Thinker troubles over nothing and then spoils nothing.
    Tries to hold nothing and then loses nothing.
    In handling business, people often spoil it just at the point of success.
    With carefulness in the beginning and
    patience at the end,
    nothing will be spoiled.
    The Complete Thinker
    wants to be want-less.
    Sets no value on rare goods.
    Learns to relearn learning.
    And convinces the people to return from where they have passed.
    They only helps all creatures to find their own nature,
    but does not try to lead them by the nose.
    In the old days,
    those who were good at the practice of Tao ( the Laws of the Universe )
    did not try to teach the people,
    but to keep them in the state of simple life.
    Why are the people hard to govern?
    Because they are too tricky!
    They who govern their state
    with trickiness is its wrongdoer;
    They who govern their state without resorting to trickiness is its
    To know these principles is to have a rule and a measure.
    To keep the rule and the measure constantly in your mind
    is what we call
    Virtue (Power) that is hidden!
    It leads all things to return,
    till they come back to the Great Balance!
    How does the sea become the King of all streams?
    Because it lies lower than they!
    That is why it is the king of all streams.
    The Complete Thinker rules over the people by lowering themself in speech;
    Leads the people by putting themself behind.
    When a Complete Thinker stands above the people,
    They do not feel the heaviness of weight;
    When they stands in front of the people,
    the people do not feel hurt.
    All the world is glad to push them forward
    without getting tired of them.
    Because they compete with nobody,
    Nobody can ever compete with them.
    All the world says that
    my Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ) is great,
    but seems strange, like nothing on earth.
    But it is just because my Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ) is great that it
    is like nothing on earth!
    If it were like anything on earth,
    how small it would have been from the very beginning!
    I have Three Treasures,
    Which I hold fast and watch over closely.
    The first is Mercy.
    The second is Frugality.
    The third is Daring to Be Not First in the World.
    Because I am merciful,
    I can be brave.
    Because I am frugal,
    I can be generous.
    Because I dare not to be first,
    I can lead.
    If a person wants to be brave
    without first being merciful,
    generous without first being frugal,
    a leader without first wishing to follow,
    they are only asking for destruction!
    Mercy alone
    can help you win a war.
    Mercy alone
    can help you defend your state.
    Heaven will come
    to the rescue of the merciful,
    and protect them with its Mercy.
    A good soldier
    is never the first to fight;
    A good fighter
    is never angry.
    The best way
    of beating an enemy
    Is to win them over
    by not disagreeing with them.
    The best way
    of employing a person
    Is to serve under them.
    This is called
    the virtue (power) of non-striving!
    This is called
    using the abilities of people!
    This is called
    being wedded to Heaven like in the past!
    The planners of fights
    have a saying:
    I do not want to receive guests,
    but I would like to be a guest;
    I do not want to go forward an inch,
    but I would like to go back a foot.
    This is called marching without moving,
    Rolling up one's sleeves without baring one's arms,
    Capturing the enemy without facing them,
    Holding a weapon that is invisible.
    There is no greater disaster
    than to under-estimate
    the strength of your enemy.
    For to under-estimate the strength
    of your enemy
    is to lose your treasure.
    When disagreeing armies
    meet in battle,
    victory belongs to
    the sorrowing side.
    My words
    are very easy
    to understand,
    and very easy
    to practice:
    But the civilization today
    cannot understand them,
    nor practice them
    My words have an Ancestor.
    My deeds have a Lord.
    The people
    have no knowledge
    of this.
    have no knowledge
    of me.
    The fewer persons
    know me,
    The greater they are
    that follow me.
    The Complete Thinker
    looks like the common man,
    While keeping
    the Laws of the Universe
    and the Power of their application
    in his heart.
    To understand
    that our knowledge
    is not complete,
    is a great
    To think
    about our innocence
    as knowledge,
    is mental sickness.
    Only when
    we are sick
    of our sickness
    Shall we cease
    to be sick.
    The Complete Thinker
    is not sick,
    being sick of sickness;
    is the secret
    of health.
    When people
    no longer fear
    your power,
    It is a sign
    that a greater power
    is coming.
    Interfere not lightly
    with a persons house,
    (Do not intrude on their privacy.)
    Do not make heavy taxes upon their work.
    Only when you stop tiring them,
    Will they stop being tired of you.
    The Complete Thinker
    knows self,
    But makes
    no show of self;
    Loves self,
    But does not
    lift self
    above others.
    They prefer
    what is within
    to what
    is without.
    The man who is brave
    and takes unneeded chances
    will be killed;
    The man who is brave
    and does not take unneeded chances will survive.
    Of these two kinds of bravery,
    one proves harmful,
    while the other is helpful.
    Some things
    are hated by the Laws of the Universe,
    But who knows the reason?
    Even the Complete Thinker
    does not understand
    such a question.
    It is the Universal Law,
    to win without effort.
    It is the Universal Law
    to get answers without speaking.
    It is the Universal Law
    To get the people to come
    without calling them.
    It is the Universal Law
    To act agreeing to plans without hurry.
    Powerful, beyond knowing are the Laws of the Universe:
    Visible only by its results
    and yet
    Only the formless
    can create new results.
    When the people
    are no longer afraid
    of death,
    Why scare them
    with the spirit
    of death?
    If you
    could make the people
    always afraid
    of death,
    And they still
    break the law,
    Then you
    might arrest
    and execute them,
    And who
    would dare
    break the law?
    Is not
    the Great Executioner
    always there to kill?
    To do
    the killing
    for the Great Executioner
    Is to chop wood
    for a master carpenter,
    And you would be lucky indeed
    if you
    did not
    hurt your own hand!
    Why are
    the people starving?
    Because those above them
    are taxing them too much.
    That is why
    they are starving.
    Why are
    the people hard to manage?
    Because those above them
    are troublesome and selfish.
    That is why
    they are hard to manage.
    Why do
    the people make jokes about death?
    Because those above them
    make too much of life.
    That is why
    they make jokes about death.
    The people
    have nothing to live on!
    They know better
    than to value such a life!
    When a person is living
    they are soft and easy to bend.
    When they are dead,
    they become hard and stiff.
    When a plant is living,
    it is soft and tender.
    When it is dead,
    it becomes withered and dry.
    The hard and stiff
    belongs to the company
    of the dead:
    The soft and easy to bend
    belongs to the company
    of the living.
    A mighty army
    can to fall
    by its own weight,
    Just as dry wood
    is ready
    for the ax.
    The mighty
    and great
    will be put low;
    The humble
    and weak
    will be raised high.
    the Laws of the Universe (Tao)
    may be compared
    to the
    of a bow!
    The upper part is depressed,
    while the lower is raised.
    If the bow-string is too long,
    it is cut short:
    if too short,
    it is added to.
    The Laws of the Universe (Tao)
    makes smaller
    the more-than-enough
    to supply
    the less than enough.
    The way of people
    is different:
    it takes
    from the poor
    to give
    the rich.
    Who except
    a person of the Tao ( the Laws of the Universe ) can put
    their never ending riches
    to the service of the world?
    The Complete Thinker
    does work
    without setting any store by it,
    accomplishes tasks
    without dwelling upon them.
    They do not want their merits to be seen.
    Nothing in the world
    is softer and weaker
    than water;
    for attacking
    the hard and strong,
    there is nothing like it!
    For nothing
    can take its place.
    That the weak
    overcomes the strong,
    and the soft
    overcomes the hard,
    This is something
    known by all,
    but practiced
    by none.
    The Complete Thinker says:
    To receive
    the dirt of a country
    is to be
    the lord of its soil-shrines.
    to hold up under
    the disasters of a country
    is to be
    the prince of the world.
    ( To be strong in the face of discrace and disaster, is to be truly Noble.
    the Truth
    sound like its opposite!
    When a great wound
    is healed,
    There will still
    remain a scar.
    Can this be
    a desirable thing?
    The Complete Thinker,
    holding the left-hand tally
    ( the count of things to come),
    their part
    of the agreement,
    But puts
    no demands
    on others.
    The virtuous (powerful)
    do their work;
    The virtue-less (powerless)
    knows only to put
    taxes on the people.
    The Laws of the Universe (Tao)
    have no private feelings,
    always agrees
    with the constructive.
    Ah, for a small country
    with a small population
    ! Though there are
    very handy mechanical inventions,
    the people
    have no use for them.
    Let them notice death
    and not go to far away places.
    Ships and tanks,
    and weapons of war,
    there may still be,
    but there are no occasions
    for using or displaying them.
    Let the people go back to sending messages by knotting cords.
    (Let nothing be urgent)
    See to it that they are
    happy with their food,
    pleased with their clothing,
    satisfied with their houses,
    and use the simple ways of living.
    Though there may be
    another country so close
    that they are in sight of each other
    and the crowing of cocks
    and barking of dogs
    in one place
    can be heard in the other,
    yet there is no traffic
    between them,
    and throughout their lives
    the two peoples
    have nothing to do with each other.
    Honest words
    are not sweet,
    Sweet words
    are not honest.
    Good people
    are not bad-tempered,
    The bad-tempered
    are not good.
    The wise
    do not think of themselves
    as knowing more than others,
    the ones
    who think of themselves
    as knowing more than others
    are not wise.
    The Complete Thinker
    does not collect riches.
    The more they lives for others,
    The fuller is their life.
    The more they give,
    the more they win.
    The Laws of the Universe (Tao)
    are to help,
    not to hurt.
    The Way of the Complete Thinker
    is to do their duty,
    not to compete
    with anyone.

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