By Robert J Hustwit

Ó 1988, System Of Life Institute

Whenever someone talks with me about alternate forms of reality, or different concepts of reality, I tell them that I have only one concept of reality. I base my philosophy, I base my life on that concept. And I can demonstrate it clearly. Hereís how:

You and I stand in the middle of a huge parking lot, the kind they have at theme parks or sports arenas.

Far away, in one corner of the lot, sits a 1997 Kenworth 18-wheeler, T600 tractor/trailer rig. Thatís another way of saying a big, big truck. Thereís a white line painted on the parking lot extending from just where the truck is parked, directly to where we are standing. The Kenworth is straddling the white line, pointing in our direction.

From the smoke pouring out of the big truckís exhaust, we know that the driver is revving the engine, and just then, with a jolt, we see the Kenworth begin to moveótoward us.

Slowly at first, but then faster and faster the Kenworth heads directly toward us, still straddling the white line we are standing on. As the truck gets closer, the driver blasts the powerful air horn and fills the air with warning.

That Kenworth is my concept of reality. Itís real, it exists. If I donít move, it will kill me. So, Iím going to move. If you disagree, if you have some other concept of reality to talk about, you stay right there on that white line.

Iíll be happy to discuss your concept as soon as I see the Kenworth goes by.

If you DO move, however, then we share the same concept of at least ONE reality -- The Kenworth Concept of reality. Since that is what my philosophy is built on, I can share my philosophy with you.


Pictured above is a 1997 Kenworth T600 AerocabÒ Tractor with Trailer.

KenworthÒ is a registered trademark of the Kenworth Truck Company

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