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Which would you rather be, a lion or a spider? (a rhetorical question) Most people reflexively say, "I'd rather be a lion . . ."

"Let's consider for a moment how the lion survives. The lion hunts for food; if the food moves from one place to another, the lion also moves. The lion, hunting gazelles or zebras, must, every day, follow the herd and hope that this will be a good day for hunting.

"The lion works hard at hunting, using so much energy that a huge portion of its day, every day, must be spent resting. When a lion finally does make a kill, bigger and stronger lions may cut in, taking the `lion's share', leaving the successful hunter with little or nothing. And the next day? Well, the next day the lion has to move on; again hoping for a good day.

"Now let us look at the spider, carefully spinning her web. Once the web is finished, the spider sits in luxury and style, waiting for dinner. The spider relaxes and enjoys life, secure in the knowledge (knowledge corroborated over hundreds of thousands of years of survival) that the web she constructed will catch enough food for her to live and prosper.

"The spider has constructed a web of statistical probability, honed to near perfection by millions of years of evolution. The web takes into account the types and sizes of insects the spider will live on, even their population density."

(Taken from "the Spider's Statistical Web," the Informer, vol. 1, no. 3, October, 1987. The Informer is System Of Life Institute's irregularly published newsletter. We try to get it published every other month.)

We believe that by weaving our web (this website is only one part of it) throughout the Internet, opportunities, relationships, knowledge and information of a nature we could neither create nor imagine will come our way. You can be a part of that. Please allow us to put you on our e-mail mailing list. Every so often (perhaps two or three times a year) we'll drop you a note updating you on what's going on here. Also, we may have special things for sale, or for downloading. The list will not be rented out, sold, or loaned. Only we will use it.

Please put me on your mailing list.

SOLI stands for System Of Life Institute, a philosophy school established in Southern California in 1986, and opened in Garden Grove, California in 1987 by Robert Hustwit. Its purpose is to articulate and disseminate practical philosophy.

SOLI was on hiatus from 1989 to 1992 when Mr. Hustwit spent his full time running another company he started, World Library, Inc., an electronic publishing company, and creator of The Library of the Future CD-ROM series. This was the first CD-ROM product to have thousands of the world's greatest books on one disk, and features lightning-fast search and retrieval software. Mr. Hustwit retired in 1992 and moved to Pismo Beach, CA where he resides today.

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