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Down this hallway are the VIRTUAL ROOMS here at System Of Life Institute. If you visit us in person, you won't find these rooms in our building--they only exist here in cyberspace. Does that make them any less real? We think not.


The Game Room.

Escape! From Gronodsky. Played real-time, on line. YOUR FIRST GAME IS FREE! After that, it'll cost you $1.00 (US) to play.

The Hustwit Virtual Art Gallery. LOOKING IS FREE! See an original series of artworks from the brush of Dan Hustwit. The graphics are in full color. Some of them are quite large and may take a while to load, but it's worth the wait. Looking is free--the original paintings are not!.

The Washi Room. What is Washi? It's an ancient Japanese art, better seen than explained. Here, the washi is done on eggshells. Again, FREE TO LOOK AT, prices range from $7.95 to $15.00. The photographs are in full color, and may take a while to load, but, as above, IT'S WORTH THE WAIT!

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