THE EFFECT: A coin is marked by a spectator or a ring is borrowed from a spectator and is placed into a bag or box. The performer places a large apparently solid piece of gleaming brass on the table. The coin/ring vanishes from the bag/box. The piece of solid brass turns out to be a large, round brass box, with a screw-on lid. The spectator unscrews and opens the box, only to find another smaller, but otherwise identical box inside. This is repeated again and again until the spectator finally finds his/her coin/ring in the fourth box. Once the nest of boxes is placed on the table, the magician does not touch it again.

In all fairness, to a lay audience, almost any nesting box routine is amazing. But with the Hustwit Nesting Boxes, you will even fool magicians. The reason is that for the first time the nesting boxes have lids that screw on and off!

A lay audience will probably be slightly more impressed with these nesting boxes than with others for two reasons. One, the impressive size, weight, look and feel of the brass boxes themselves (they weigh almost three pounds--the biggest box alone weighs over one pound!). Two, at least at a subconscious level, the act of unscrewing the lids will register as an "impossible factor," one which simply can't be true if the coin/ring is inside.

The Hustwit Nesting Boxes is of one of the most baffling effects available today. If you buy a set, your set will be the last one sold of the only run of twelve sets of boxes, which I checked at every stage of the machining process. I also check the working of each set before shipping. As of this writing, there is only one set left for sale. A set will be shipped to a buyer only if the buyer is willing to first sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding the working of the effect.


There ARE NO MORE BOXES LEFT from my first (and only) run. The Price was: $1,500.00 U.S. funds--included delivery.

The exclusive commercial manufacture, sale and distribution of the Hustwit Nesting Boxes (other than my only run of twelve) is now in the capable hands of Carl Williams at Custom Magic. Call Carl at 323-256-0358 in California. I am honored that Carl thinks enough of my effect to want to manufacture and market it. I also must take a moment here to thank Carl for his encouragement and guidance. Magic and magicians have a good friend in Carl Williams, one of the great craftsmen of magic.

* Please note that the quarter in the photo at the top of this page is placed there
for size comparison only. As you can see, you can easily use a half-dollar or even a
silver dollar.

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