I wear a white cotton pullover polo shirt, short sleeves, with the System Of Life Institute (SOLI) logo where the breast pocket would normally go. The SOLI motto, "Enjoy the Process," is printed on the back of the shirt in black.

I have approximately four dozen of these shirts, and they are the only shirts I wear. I have worn this type of shirt every day since July of 1987. To complete my wardrobe, I wear bluejeans, red suspenders, and walking or running shoes with white sox.

This has been my attire every day for over 15 years. I wear these same clothes to formal dinners, shows, weddings (which I seldom attend anyway) everywhere, itís the same.

This vastly simplifies my life, and, since I never could figure out what color or piece of clothing went with what other color or piece of clothing, I don't have to worry about anything not going with anything else. I'm not sure how clear that is, but it works for me.

Also, I was bothered by paying $70 or $80 for a shirt which simply advertised someone else's business . . . why not advertise my own business?

This is called the Hustwit Dress Code.

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