Click here for a brief bio on SOLI's Founder and Director, Bob Hustwit.

SOLI is a philosophy school operating much like the philosophy schools of ancient Greece.

System Of Life Institute (SOLI) stresses very limited government and maximum personal liberty as the primary method of assuring the survival and prosperity of the species. This is considered a fundamental practical philosophy, and it has a unique and original basis.

One of the primary purposes of System Of Life Institute (SOLI) is to disseminate practical philosophy.

Practical philosophy is, quite simply, one which works for the person using it, providing him or her with a better life. The judgment about whether a particular philosophy works or not is left entirely to the person using it.

There is an infinite number of practical philosophies, and at SOLI we teach methods and techniques to help each individual develop their own.

There are some societal lessons to be drawn from the practice of a practical philosophy as well. These are explored in conversations, discussions and informal lectures.

Everyone is welcome at SOLI. In cyberspace, we're open on the Internet 24-hrs a day, seven days a week. (except for a few minutes here and there for maintenance.)

I see SOLI as a kind of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for intellectuals. There are new and interesting things to see and discuss all the time. Our recent aquisitions include a miniature, fully-functional Tesla Coil, a digital camera (no film, no developing, takes 96 pictures), and a cocabola and silver magic wand.

We don't apologize for being literate, using a large vocabulary, or enjoying deep discussions. You won't find crystals, channeling, or astrology at SOLI. You will find interesting discussions (if you wish, about channeling, astrology or crystals), new information, new ideas, and even old things to consider in new ways.

Originally, (back in 1986) SOLI was conceived as a seminar-type school, with the ideas being disseminated through seminars and classes. I found, after the first year, that I had no taste for doing the same thing over and over, and so I abandoned that format, and adopted the one I'm presenting now.

This open-ended, open-to-all format has served the Institute (and me) very well, allowing for the development of new products, new ideas, and intellectual growth.

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