A SOLI Original Document.
You won't find it anywhere else.


(c) Copyright 1975 Robert J. Hustwit
I can truly identify with only one thing I have read here, and even then, I may be reading something into it that isn't there. The stories I have read of love and tenderness are too pale--too insipid--for me. And yet, the people I have seen here are intelligent and creative. In many respects, you are my equals. But in one area-- one major area--you are so far my inferiors as to seem prehistorically primitive. What area, you ask? Enjoying the opposite sex. Where I come from, we recognize both the quantitative and qualitative aspect of sexual pleasure. Certainly, if you have many of the opposite sex at one time, you have at least a quantitative pleasure, whereas sometimes only one--if it is the right one--is more enjoyable than many. I was taught at an early age to wait and look for the deeper, qualitative pleasures of just the right person, rather than to drown myself in numbers. Ever since I arrived here, I have been watching and waiting for that person. Not knowing much of your customs, I believe my watching upset a few people, so I have taken steps to keep hidden, and it seems to have worked. While waiting, I have examined your literature and I believe I am what you call a "hedonist", one who seeks pleasure above all else. Yes, that description fits me exactly. And today I will demonstrate to the world the ultimate pleasure--sex--as only we have enjoyed it until now. Oh, no, not your kind of sex. I have read your books--copulation, fornication, ejaculation, orgasm--these are nothing compared to the enjoyment we experience when we become one with a member of the opposite sex. I should explain that I am writing this as an aid to enjoyment for those of your world, from those of us on my world who are kindred spirits. I cannot believe that my little demonstration will go unnoticed--I may even change your history for you. The people of your planet are not built big enough to enjoy sex in the same way I do, even though you have all the right equipment. But, as I read in one of your sex books, "It's not how big you are, it's what you do with what you've got." That is most true. Even then, you may be able to enlarge yourselves (with the proper exercises), and so increase your enjoyment. Your planet is of a type which causes me harm if I stay too long, so, as much as I would like to stay and see the results of my demonstration, I must leave as soon as it is completed. I will photograph it and leave an aural record as well--but I must prepare for the demonstration. The Person I have chosen is representative of the opposite sex on your planet. I have caused that person to come to me here in the wilderness. I lay down as the person approaches and uncap a jug of liquid you call "wine", and unwrap another substance which I believe will complete the romantic setting--romantic by your standards. I am trembling with anticipation and desire now, and I know that I can wait no longer. As the person stands before me, I cause my mind lock to cease. Now the pleasure begins. I knew! I knew! The response is exactly what the thing I read said it would be--there is singing. We certainly wouldn't call it singing, but at a time like this, who's going to complain. I feel the familiar ache, the urging, and I reach out for my partner. Things are not so different here, after all; there is struggling, more singing, and then silence, as I eat my partner's foot in ecstasy. I 'finish' my partner in an indescribable paroxysm of joy and lust, Saving the fingers until last (I've always had a weakness for fingers), and I think o the only other person on your planet who seems to have enjoyed the opposite sex as I do--Omar Khayyam. Remember? He said, "A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and Thou Inside me singing in the Wilderness." THE END